Monday, 19 October 2015

IT Kitchen: “Alchemy Reality” with Aurasma

AR (Augmented Reality) overlays a view of the world with additional information - the additional information offers the viewer advantages, fun and learning.

In the IT kitchen we show how easy to is to create Augmented reality by drawing some matches on a piece of paper and setting fire to it in augmented reality in under 60 seconds using only a smartphone and the Aurasma augmented reality app!

In slow motion ...
I draw a few matches on a sheet of paper,  open the Aurasma app on my phone, click + , search for “fire’, select select a fire image, capture an image of the drawing I made, name my “Aura”, share it as public and “Hey Presto| … pointing my phone with the Aurasma app at the drawing of matches causes the image of fire to display on my phone.

Step by Step
1. Download and run the Aurasma mobile App on your smartphone
2. Click +  to Create new Aura
3. Select an Overlay - from the list or search
4. Capture a Trigger image
5. Name your Aura and save (either public or private)

The tigger image needs to be detailed enough so that the Aurasma recognition engine can identify it against other images - I tried the video using only one match but it wasn’t detailed enough to work so I drew the trigger image with three matches and lots of squiggly lines to ensure there was enough detail.

Glossary of terms

Trigger image
This is the image your augmented reality application will identify to load an associated overlay image.

This is the image your augmented reality application will superimpose on your smartphone camera view  when it identifies a trigger image.

This is the term Aurasma use to describe augmented reality - the combination of trigger image and overlay … augmenting objects in the real world with smartphone “paranormal” like aurus :)

More information

Aurasma Youtube tutorials
Aurasma studio - how to build an aura in under 60 seconds
Aurasma App - creating an aura


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