Sunday, 8 January 2017

IT Kitchen: Tangible Programming With Pavlov

Most Lego Mindstorms builds I have seen seem to be of the  "closed" project type running a downloaded program to do specific things. I wanted to create something open ended that itself could be programmed independently to carry out different actions.

I wanted to create an independent robot that you could program in a physical, behavioural or "tangible" way without a standard programming interface.

I had seen the Mindstorms standard puppy robot and thought about programming being like training a puppy. I thought about how similar this is to simple behavioural psychology of the type Pavlov carried out with conditioning so named the puppy Pavlov.


This version of Pavlov has three modes:

Stimulate (using colours) Pavlov to discover its responses

Training (programming or learning)
Show Pavlov a sequence of stimuli (colours)  for him to learn\remember and respond to in sequence later.

Performance (program execution)
Have Pavlov perform the sequence of responses remembered earlier in training.

In this video I discover Pavlov's responses and train him to move around an object.

I will be developing Pavlov ... making him look more like a puppy and adding more functions. I'll be exploring its use in early programming ... using different challenges and problems to solve tangibly and introducing people to the standard programming interface to change responses.

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